We get it—odds are, you’re not here to read a novel about press-ons. So, we’ll cut to the chase.

We’re nail enthusiasts and consumers, just like you. We’ve tried press-on after press-on, and haven’t found a single one that checked all our boxes: standout designs, a shape that doesn’t scream “claw”, and glue that actually lasts. But let's be real, finding one that does it all? It's been a mission. Basically, we’re just as frustrated with bad press-ons as you are. It shouldn’t be this complicated. That’s why we’re doing things differently.

Meet: Lost Angels. A new era of gel press-on extensions that finally checks all of the boxes. A perfect medium almond shape that mimics your natural nail, first-of-its-kind gel top coat technology that won’t chip, fade, or tarnish, professional-grade adhesive glue that lasts weeks, not days, and designs that don’t follow trends, they set them.

So, if you’re tired of settling, look no further.
Welcome to Lost Angels, where perfect nails are the only option.